district of columbus

It’s Columbus Day, and, by some crazy happenstance, I actually got a holiday. Since many schools, my alma mater included, don’t celebrate the day of our country’s [re]discoverer, this might be a first. So I was pretty thankful for the explorer gent today, no matter the muck he may have made of things way back in 1492.

Spent my day enjoying some much-needed “me time.” I’ve been very social lately, and I needed a little break from that. One has to have time with their own thoughts once in a while. Went to my favorite Starbucks in Eastern Market, strolled around the city taking pictures, explored the nooks and crannies of the best independent bookstore north of the Potomac and watched half of the abysmal Nationals game. Aside from that last bit, it was a wonderful day, especially due to the blustery fall weather. I was all cozied up in two sweaters, a scarf, fingerless gloves and boots. Definitely my kind of day.

During my romp, I also happened to walk past Columbus Circle, the loop of concrete in front of Union Station. As per the name, there’s a statue of the seafaring fellow right in the center. From the abandoned stage nearby, I gathered there had been a ceremony sometime this morning. I’d missed the hoopla, but thank goodness the hideous flower wreaths were still there for my viewing tortu…pleasure.

A day off + chilly weather + exploration = photoging.


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