no skinny dipping

*cheater alert*
-Photo from September 22nd-

Over the summer, while at home in Minnesota, I was sad to learn of the death of Peter Bis (pictured at left). Peter was a fixture on the corner of 2nd and Massachusetts in northeast D.C. While in WJC, there was rarely a day when I didn’t walk by Peter, sitting under his tree by the Exxon station. He’d greet passers-by with enthusiasm and funny sayings, such as “No skinny dipping now!” And when he passed away, the city’s heart broke together. Items began accumulating by his tree as a memorial to the man who had brightened the days and lives of hundreds.

Yesterday, I attended a memorial service for Pete at St. Joseph’s on Capitol Hill. There were more than 50 people who showed up and paid their respects to him. I don’t know what Peter believed, but I know he was involved at St. Joseph’s. I hope he’s celebrating in heaven and advising Jesus not to go skinny dipping.

We’ll miss you, Pete.

A beautiful service + saying goodbye = photoging.


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