to bee or not to bee

Did a little garden exploration today. It was prompted by the sighting of a large garter snake sliding through one of the flower beds. I grabbed my camera and rushed to capture a picture of him, but he remained elusive, even later, after I almost accidentally stepped on him. He darted under the cover of some low plants, and I nearly jumped out of my skin. That’ll teach me to pay attention to where I walk when there’s a snake on the loose.

Though I didn’t get a photograph of Mr. Garter Snake, I met several of his neighbors, such as Bettie Bee, Colonel G. Hopper and Dame Dragonfly. They were all quite amiable, especially the honorable Dame Dragonfly, who even deigned to pause on my finger for a moment and drink a spot of tea.

Imagination + a beautiful day + a slithering guest + garden exploration = photoging.


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