duck tales

Spring has sprung. And so have the ducks. They’re taking campus by storm, wandering around like hordes of prospective students. Next thing you know, they’ll be enrolling in classes and eating in the Caf. And just wait until you get one as your roommate.

Had to do a portrait assignment for my photo class. And since these ducks were such willing models (will pose for crackers), I just had to snap a few shots. Haven’t decided yet if I’ll submit two of these pictures for my actual assignment, but either way…super fun. Besides, with those gorgeous green feathers, male mallards are like the Abercrombie models of the duck world.

Sunny afternoon + skipping class + water fowl + stale crackers = photoging.


2 Responses to “duck tales”

  1. I was snapping the portrait of a duck, and it blinked just as I clicked the shutter. When I was looking at the photo at home, I thought, “Oh no! What’s wrong with this duck’s eye?” It turns out their eyelid is almost white, so it the resulting photo had something of a zombie/walking dead look. Heh.

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