sprinkled with joy

Kendall and I returned from a late-night fro-yo run and found the most beautiful sight waiting for us. The sprinklers by our dorm had been turned on and were swirling up a light mist. The street lights illuminated the water droplets and made it look so mystical.

Luckily, I had my camera with me. Snapped a few shots and shook a figurative fist at my father for not letting me take his tripod to school with me. (Dad — consider it commandeered when I come home for spring break.) I ended up using the side mirror of a parked car to hold my camera steady, and used the self-timer to limit camera shake. Still a little blurry to my eye, but that could just be the mist, too.

Had a wonderful Friday, full of good friends, fun moments, rest and plenty of praise. He is SO good to me.

Fro-yo roomie date + sprinklers + parking lot + sweet backlighting = photoging.


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